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Multi-coloured Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Multi-coloured Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

  • The crystal salt stone and the base are together and can be inserted by USB.
  • The salt lamp baby has a variety of colour-changing functions, and its built-in LED light does not need to be installed, which can provide exquisite decorations for homes and offices and save space
  • Control concerns, extract high-purity crystal salt from the Himalayas, hand-carved handicrafts, which can be used for lighting, decoration and air purification, release negative ions into the air, produce the effect of an inductive ion generator, and purify the surrounding air
  • The amber crystal salt rock lamp creates a unique essence that makes you feel peaceful and helps you sleep
  • Suitable for people who have been sitting for ten years, often use computers, ignore allergies, often do yoga or meditation, elderly or weak, smokers, and people who have repeated insomnia.