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Special Mothers Day Reading


Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, say this prayer and then keep reading:

“Thank you angels for revealing this reading to me for what I need to know!”



The Spirit World are bringing through a loved one who you were extremely close to. They want you to know that their energy and support are always around you. They want to say Thankyou for always thinking of them everyday. Your loved one in Heaven wants to help heal any remaining pain or feeling of separation that is within your heart. They have been giving you strong signs, the smells of perfume, wood & smoke to show they are next to you take time to acknowledge and remember them, for this will allow you to feel their love and help your heart to heal. Have you sensed the cold flutter of energy around your neck, back or legs? as this is the reason that you have asked them to give you signs. Trust the signs! They know you have to many worrying thoughts which is holding you back, and you are wanting to have a bit more happiness in yourself your heart & home. The recent sighting of the robin bird you saw or will see is conformation of the positive changes that will be approaching you soon. As this is what you’ve asked for.

With new change coming, I feel you are a very understanding person and like to give second chances. You don’t like confrontation and try to see the good in people but remember tomorrow is a new day and time to start trusting your inner feelings and not to ignore them you know they are there and not to allow people or situations and environments draw you back into the place you don’t like to be in.

You feel the people around you be it friends / family have been testing you. From small subtle things to bigger situations and you know you have been tolerating this for too long. From tomorrow your phone will ping with this important information which is….

Want to know more? Shall I continue to finish your reading?…


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