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Hi there, I sense the presence of someone with an M initial around you. Could it be Michael?

I've been thinking about you today, and my spirit guides are urging me to reach out with a message from a Loved One who has passed. This Loved One was incredibly close to you, cherished you deeply, and played a significant role in your life.

Right now, their protective energy surrounds you. They’re warning you about someone in your life who might be harmful. Be cautious of who you trust and share your affection with, especially if someone has recently taken advantage of you.

Your Loved One wanted to be at home before their passing, and they show me how quickly everything transpired, with nothing anyone could do. There's also a protective male presence around you, mentioning the initial M, possibly Michael? Additionally, I see the name David connected to you.

There appears to be a family conflict that has caused distress. You may feel trapped in the middle, possibly carrying guilt for distancing yourself. Your Loved One wants you to know that you made the right decision, emphasizing that jealousy is toxic.

It's heartbreaking because you have such a generous and kind nature, willing to give your last penny, but sometimes that isn’t appreciated.

I also foresee a past acquaintance re-entering your life, someone you wouldn’t expect. This individual has darker hair and a slender build. It seems your relationship ended abruptly, possibly involving a third person.

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