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PSYCHIC PARTIES ( click to book )

PSYCHIC PARTIES ( click to book )

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If you’d like to make a booking or ask any questions about my Psychic parties, please get in touch by calling +44 7710 014 650 or send a message by clicking here.

Psychic Readings

Are you looking for a different way to entertain your guests at your next big event in Plymouth or across Cornwall? Alternatively, perhaps you’ve experienced a psychic reading for yourself and want other people to have their own experience? For an hour or two, or even longer, I will come to a location of your choosing and invite you and your guests to enjoy a fun, relaxing and unforgettable night of clairvoyance and one-to-one readings.

What I love most about being in front of an audience is that everyone in the room is different. Sometimes, it’s a room full of enthusiasm; at other times, it’s wonder, and sometimes, I’m greeted by a mixture of absolute optimism peppered with the occasional sceptic.

However, at a Psychic Party, each and every one of us will go through our own personal journey, just as we do in life, and come out of the event with our own unique experience of the evening.

Applying my many years of experience as a Psychic Clairvoyant Medium, I make the party engaging, interesting and entertaining for all, tailoring the evening to however you want it to go. Naturally, I will also use my many years of experience to adapt the evening as it progresses, working flexibly to ensure the best psychic party experience for all present.

I will invite anybody in the room to make contact with a loved one in the Spirit World, and describe in detail who has come forward to join us. During the course of the evening, I will also be available for private readings on a one-to-one basis, potentially making the first half of the party a prelude to a deeper, more meaningful understanding of oneself and the world around us.

The price for a Psychic Party will vary, based on the location, the number of guests invited and how long you’d like me to play host to your guests – plus the others I invite along from the Spirit World.

Surrounded by family, friends or colleagues, you’re sure to enjoy an incredible night – get in touch via phone or email for more details and booking enquiries.