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Connect to your Loved Ones In Heaven

If you are hoping for a message from Spirit, or perhaps from a loved one who has passed, this reading could be right for you. Your question will be given to one of my top psychic mediums who will use their abilities to connect with the Spirit World. Often, Spirit send us signs to let us know that they’re on near; my readers will help you to recognise these signs, so that you can know when your loved ones are close by and thinking of you.


Scott xx

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Or Alternatively

Speak to my Experienced Gifted Psychic Team they are available to take your call for a Phone Reading. 
An Amazing opportunity to connect to your passed loved ones and ask the questions you need guidance with or just have a hello from Heaven from the Spirit World. 


Getting Phone reading is easy just tap the phone number.

Call pay by card

0330 114 0035  

10 mins for £5.99 ( new customers quote - spirit )

20 mins for £22

40 mins for £42

60 mins for £60

Call pay by mobile

0906 110 7065 



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