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Today brings a warning to stay away from gossip and negativity for the time being. If something doesn't feel right in a situation right now then you need to keep your distance and stay clear. Don't be afraid to walk away from anything that doesn't feel right to you, listen to your vibrations and how things are making you feel right now.

You may be holding back on a decision right now that could ultimately be a good decision for you and lead you to new opportunities, but you have/will hold back through doubt, it is however time for you to make a new beginning, putting yourself first, and your goals, and dreams too!
There is a warning you not to share your business plans with other people. Keep yourself to yourself. Remember that, although you may think others in your industry are your friends, they're still competing. They could be contacting you only to get information from you and see what you're up to.

With all of that being said, continue down the path you are on when. Sometimes, you genuinely have to know the truth, and the only way to do this is to keep going. All may not be as bad as it seems; your insecurities and fears are all that is holding you back. The truth is also much better discovered then wondering 'what if' for the rest of your life.
Play your cards close to your chest. You can sometimes be too trusting! You may sadly find that some people are only around you for their own benefit, so you must be aware of this and keep some things to yourself. Don't just believe everything you're told right now, listen to your Intuition, if something doesn't feel true then it most likely isn't.

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